FAQ - Frequent Ask Question

Q. Is the Society registered?

A. Yes it is registered under the Societies Registration Act of 21,1860 of Indian society Act. It is a non-profit making Society.

Q. How can I prepare my manuscript?

A. You can choose the appropriate Journal and take the help from Author's Guidelines.

Q. How can I submit my manuscript?

A. You may choose the subject concerned journal and submit via Email. Manuscripts are accepted in MS-Word or pdf formats .We do not encourage the submission of hard copy .The only email submission is accepted. We acknowledge the receipt of manuscript.

Q. How much time it takes to publish my Paper?

A. ISST offers a fast publication after prompt peer-review by the experts in the field and immediate publication upon acceptance.

Q. Does ISST inform author about the Reviewer's comment on his/her manuscript?

A. The comments of the anonymous reviewers will be forwarded to the Author on request, and when Author is ready to submit the revised manuscript, read the comments of the editors and reviewers, and respond to them by telling what modifications author have made in his/her manuscript or why he/she has not made the suggested changes. Note that revisions must be completed and submitted within two weeks after author received the reviewers' comments. Late manuscripts may be rejected. The Editor evaluates the recommendation and notifies the author of the manuscript status. The manuscript may be:

Accepted for publication as is

Accepted for publication with minor changes, with no re-review necessary

Accepted for publication after substantial revision and additional review


Q. Is there any charge(s) for paper- publication in ISST Journals?

A. There is no submission fee, but has a processing and publication fee if the article is accepted after blind review.

Q. Is there any special class of Author's for ISST- Journals?

A. No there is no such special class. The review process ensures that all authors have equal opportunity for publication of their papers is ISST- Journals.

Q. Can I join the society as member?

A. You can download the Membership form. Fill the form (duly tick the category ) and send the same along with the payment to the given address. Filling up the form does not allow any one to become the member of the Society. It is Society's discretion to allot membership.

Q. How can we Subscribe the journal (s) ?

A. You can download the Subscription form and send the same with DD/Cheque -in Favour of "Intellectuals Society for Socio-Techno Welfare "payable at " Ghaziabad ."